Hope this finds you well and safe.
We wish to bring your attention to our manufacturing technology that we are exhibiting at GAMA EXPO 2021 from 16th to 23rd March.
Since SiOCAST came into the market, our family has become bigger and bigger we are glad to say that all types of companies have adopted our tech for making their products with great success. All the system upgrades and notices about the future will be resumed and explained in the expo.
We will be offering a Presentation with a resume of the technology and all the features you will get with it. This will take place on:
16th of March at 1pm EST, 6pm GMT.
Please if you want to attendee register on the following link:
Also, we will be offering a Special Offer to those who attend at the GAMA EXPO 2021 and connect with SiOCAST team.
Stay tuned and drop by into our virtual booth!
Don’t miss the opportunity to manufacture this 2021 with SiOCAST.