MARCH 23RD – 27TH, 2022


From March 23rd to 27th, we attended at AdeptiCon 2022, at Schaumburg, IL. Was the first time we attended a USA Fair with our SiOform 1 machine and was a complete success. Tons of compliments and requests from visitors that show us their interest in our thermoplastic injection technology.

We meet some friends and some of our main USA customers and were in contact with wargames fans from all USA.  Was a huge opportunity to meet all the main wargames companies, producers, and editorials and chat about the future of the industry. Of course, the industry is changing, and at SiOCAST we believe in a sustainable manufacturing ecosystem.

made with SiOCAST

AdeptiCon had players from all over the USA that show off their painted armies. Tons of masterpieces were created by the top designer and producers of the industries. Many of them #madewithsiocast.

Was a huge opportunity to see and talk about what our customers are doing this year, new products, new Kickstarter campaign, and a lot of news coming from them. Amazing work from all of them, we just share some of their jobs and you could see the amazing product they are doing with SiOCAST technology.

Just to share some new stuff coming from our customers we have:

Media & influencers visits

Also was an opportunity to contact with main influencers in the miniatures industry.

For example, Spikey Bit, where we can see some of their post on Instagram. But also we received the visit from GooberTown and Ninjon, they recorded some footage you can watch soon in their accounts.

We had the opportunity to welcome some new clients of SiOCAST like Dave Baker from Trenchworx, where they received their SiOform 1 machine at AdeptiCon.

Another new client of SiOCAST is Mat Green from Laser Dreamwork

Welcome to the SiOCAST family

new material release


At AdeptiCon 2022 we release our new material, SiOres HARD! A game-changer for the miniature and board games industries.

A new material harder and easer to clean, with toons of benefits for your miniatures.

Discover the New SiOres HARD
SiOres HARD logo