the new SiOres BASE is great for:

  • terrain
  • big-sized parts
  • durable minis
  • high volume tabletop parts
  • translucent colored fx


We are pleased to attend Gen Con 2022 on August 4, 5, 6, and 7. We were exhibiting at booth 3124. 
We launched the new SiOres BASE at Gen Con 2022.

a perfect solution for your miniatures terrain

Titan FOrge – big size SiOres BASETitan Forge 2 – big size SiOres BASE

big parts are now time and cost-effective with SiOCAST


1 piece made with... PU resin SiOres BASE
Production cost 1 € 0,6 €
Production time 1200 sec 30 sec

big-sized parts

Perfect material for bigger-sized pieces. 


high volume tabletop parts

Check the interview with Roman from Titan Forge and discover why they decided to use SiOCAST for large miniatures productions.


translucent colored fx

Explore creative solutions for your miniatures. Ideal for figures fx, terrain fx, and much more. Make your minis stand out from the rest.

Check it out the latest Ludus Magnus Studio's Kickstarter campaign called 'The Breach'.