a compromise with a sustainable ecosystem

An eco-friendly thermoplastic manufacturing solution for all businesses.

the ideal material

SiOres thermoplastic resin

Our formulation and own manufactured thermoplastic resin is ideal for manufacturing miniatures or small pieces. It is rigid but flexible at the same time. Light but resistant. It does not break if it falls to the ground.
Its genuine properties allow it to create high complexity models with a high level of detail. The painting sticks perfectly, and it does not crack even in the flex areas.

masterbatch pigment

colour your pieces

With our SiOres Master Batch pigments, you can have a wide variety of colors for your thermoplastic resin products.  Mixing our pure base colors, you will get any combination. They are dosed in the main material at a small percentage giving the whole batch a uniform and color.

amazing properties

high resistance
excellent detail
reciclable and non toxic

…and features

good flexibility
no primer needed
painting doesn’t crack
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harder and easier to clean

See how SiOCAST miniatures are treated and assembled

try the SiOres!

Not sure if SiOCAST system is going to meet your expectations?
Ask for a test mould and convince yourself.