A process in which the silicone makes the difference copying all the details from your masters.

Choose the right silicone and in less than 2 hours you will have your mold ready for production.


New mould configuration strategy

The silicone of the SiOmold is composed of an elastomer of high quality and duration.

Due to its excellent properties of thermal and mechanical resistance, it adapts to all the requirements of the new injection process.

SiOmold silicone ensures very long mould life to guarantee low production costs. With the SiOmold silicone molds, a very high level of detail at copying the originals is achieved as well as a comfortable work in the manufacture and a safe and uniform vulcanization.


Rectangular A5plus-270x210mm

Hardness  65-70-80 Shore A
Thickness  10 | 12 | 14 mm plate
Vulcanization Temp. 120 ºC
Expiration date Check technical data sheet
Presentation Box of 5-8 sets, depending on thickness

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