SiOform  1

the future of manufacturing
In SiOCAST we have developed a unique process which is the result of our most innovative ideas. We have achieved to fit in a very compact equipment all the technology that enables this new and patented process to operate.
This is the very first time that injecting thermoplastic resin material in flexible silicone molds has been a success. This process is fast, safe and effortless. It will be as familiar as metal or resin casting but easier.

Injection molding with the advantages of silicon molds

After 8 years of intensive R+D, SiOCAST has developed and patented a complete production process that represents a manufacturing revolution: the injection molding in silicon rubber molds.
  • Recyclable and non-toxic material (toy safe)
  • Lower price per piece as production costs are reduced.
  • Minor assembly: undercuts permit injecting complete or less segmented miniatures.
  • Transportation costs reduction and shorter delivery times.
  • Pieces of greater complexity.
  • Better painting and duration: great adhesion of the paint, not generating cracks when it is folded.
  • Larger collections: more pieces per Euro invested.
  • Parts with longer life: high bending capacity avoids breakage of the parts.

try the SiOform!

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