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SiOres HARD is our new material specially developed for tabletop games, and wargames miniatures. Following the success of our previous material, we wanted to go further and develop a product following the main needed of the market. Now is real and we already started to deliver the SiOres HARD to our customers. With SiOres HARD clean your miniatures like never before.

Main Features:

  • Harder and easier to clean. Cleaning is easier than ever, clean like HIPS with the same micro diamonds tools files and burr removal tools
  • No more fluffiness
  • Better surface quality
  • Extremely durable and rigid
What Corvus Belli and Creature Caster think about SiOres HARD at AdeptiCon 2022
Image: New products from Creature Caster & Rivenstone from Broken Anvil Miniatures #madewithsiocast and SiOres HARD at AdeptiCon 2022

Some of our clients already are preparing their next production with our new materials.

New material, but keeping all the same advantages of SiOres

  • Better for assemble
  • The maximum level of detail
  • Zero waste plastic
  • Non-Toxic
  • Eco-friendly ecosystem
  • In-house production
  • Promote your local job

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SiOCAST at AdeptiCon 2022

At AdeptiCon 2022 we release new material, SiOres HARD! A game-changer for the miniature and board games industries.

We would love to share with you how was our new material release at AdeptiCon 2022.

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