the gap between 3D printing
and injection molding

plastic injection in silicone rubber molds


Formlabs Impact Award Winner in Sustainability

Read the article about SiOCAST at Formlabs website: How SiOCAST is Revolutionizing the Miniatures Market With 3D Printed Masters
at SiOCAST we have developed a complete production process that represents a revolution for manufacturing small thermoplastic resin parts.

the SiOform1 equipment is the very first system of plastic injection in flexible molds

SiOCAST for Technical parts and Engineering

A Technology that enables low and mid-volume production of functional end-parts. With low carbon impact & less than two weeks lead time.
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harder and easier to clean

SiOCAST Plastic is Replacing Resin, Metal and PVC Minis. 

“Game companies are making the switch to a new type of plastic. Siocast is an injection molding thermoplastic that is viable for small and medium sized companies, and it offers some serious advantages over metal, resin, and pvc. We’re going to be hearing a lot about this material!”

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An Eco friendly production that creates local jobs, reduces waste and the carbon footprint of the miniatures production.

SiOres is a EN-71 toy safe and durable material.

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advantages of the SiOCAST technology

change the way you design, produce and sell your miniatures

a manufacturing ecosystem

SiOCAST’s technology is the result of three key elements:

New injection machine designed to make the process happen

New thermoplastic resin, with the perfect stiffness and flexibility

New silicone mould configuration strategy

Discover how collections are made with the SiOres material. You can manufacture the highest quality imaginable at an industrial scale with 

manufacturers say…

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