Hello everybody!
We are really happy to explain our attendance on the GAMA EXPO 2021 from 16th to 23rd March.
On Tuesday 16th we gave a Premier Presentation of 50 minutes where we went in depth with all the system details, from mold making to real casting. Also there was a space for the people asking questions and solving their doubts related to the technology.
All the attendance people had the opportunity to contact us for more info and some are to get the machine soon 😉
In the other spaces we had a look at the different presentations that were all very interesting!
The 23rd of March, we had the opportunity of visiting all the booths and make live demos to all the people that dropped in our booth. It was such a nice experience, we had great talks to everybody attending and hope this new contacts help to show the system to everybody interested in the miniatures world.
Hope that everybody who attended had such a great time enjoying all the booths and presentations.
We will be really happy to answer all your questions and give you more information about the system!
Best regards.