10 reasons why miniature companies switch from metal to SiOCAST

There are different reasons why several miniature manufacturers are switching from metal casting to SiOCAST

1.- the WOW effect

Give your minis the WOW effect. The SiOCAST process can provide a better appreciation of the miniatures. Metal is shiny and can hide your sculpts inner details. The SiOres material has a mate finish that highlights the shadows and the sculpt relief and crispiness.

Check how the copy looks compared to its master:


2.- the tin alloy price

As the metal price evolution is related to unknown influences and, for now, hasn’t stop growing, making your raw material´s costs increase.

With SiOCAST you won´t have any surprises related to our special thermoplastic resin SiOres. Make a solid future forecast.


3.- all about density

The density of the SiOres is 1, which is 7,5 times less mass and material per part than manufacturing in metal. You can make 7,5 times more parts per kg of raw material driving important savings in raw material. Check it out in the following video:


4.- part life

The flexibility makes the part shock and fall resistant. It is quite normal to see breaking a metal miniature, but that doesn´t happen with our material.

Throw as many times you want a SiOCAST miniature and it will keep the original form. Quality pieces with great properties, that makes your pieces almost unbreakable.


5.- color every mini

SiOCAST also offers a variety of colours that will make your range of miniatures bigger. It can be used to make different minis in different colors, like heroes in one color and foes in another one.

The material is the same, only changes the color so imagine your old favorite figures in a totally different way.


6.- switch fast

Change your miniatures from white metal to SiOCAST using your metal masters and don’t lose time on getting your new productions ready. Switching technologies never was so easy!

All your tools as the vulcanizing press and casting machines will be also important.


7.- discover a new way to paint your minis

With SiOres there is no need on priming or cleaning the raw miniatures and paint won’t peel or crack when you manipulate, touch or bend the mini.

Just paint the miniature with no primer and get surprised by the amazing results.


8.- reduce your carbon print

Be more eco-friendly and reduce the carbon emissions that the shipping of your products generate. Your costumers and the planet will thank you.

Make your users buy more miniatures instead of paying shipping costs


9.- your experience plays a role

Working with SiOCAST you will find many familiar processes from moldmaking production and organization.

Your experience will be the first step to change from white metal to SiOCAST.


10.- because is better to have both

Offer both technologies to your customers and let them decide which miniature material they want to choose.


comparative of castings technologies

As you can see, there are many advantages about using SiOCAST. In the following table you can find some different casting methods and their differences


If you want more information about how SiOcast transforms your miniature business, don’t hesitate  and contact us