10 reasons why companies switch from resin casting to SiOCAST

Many miniatures manufacturing companies have switch their resin production to SiOCAST. Discover what are the reasons to make this change.


1. extreme detail

The SiOCAST process can keep the same extreme details of the resin miniatures. The SiOres material has a mate finish that highlights the shadows and the sculpt relief and crispiness.

Check how the SIOCAST model looks exactly the same to the resin cast.

2. non-toxic

PU resins dusts and isocyanates are toxic and there is scientific evidence of several related health issues and even cancer. It’s not a good feeling to deal with a production knowing that your  workers are getting sick day after day.

According with different studies, is not safe to work with PU resins. You can find just some examples of different articles  and discussions about this topic:

Article 1 from Work Health professionals website

Article 2 from Kanervas´occupational Dermatology article in Springer Link Website

Forum discussion from Geekhack forum website

SiOres is non-toxic, Toy Safe and EN-71 compliant. Start protecting the health of your workers and hobbyists by making your miniatures with SiOCAST. Also, your product can be sold as 3+.

3. 100% reusable

PU resin is not recyclable, so you can have from 15-50% scrap in manufacturing.

SiOres is 100% recyclable and can be reused, so scrap is normally under 1%. Grind every runner or miscast and mix it again with your raw material for an efficient and sustainable production.

4. mass produce

Are you tired of the resin slow casting process? Manufacturing speed is up to 10 times faster. A SiOCAST machine can go up to 30-40 casting/h and produce thousands of miniatures every day.

See the example below:

5. part life

The flexibility makes the part shock and fall resistant. It is quite normal to see breaking a resin miniature.

But throw as many times you want a SiOCAST miniature and it will keep the original form. Also, if you bend the miniature it will always return to its original form. No hot water needed!!!

6. color every mini

SiOCAST also offers a variety of colours that will make your range of miniatures bigger. The material is the same, only changes the color so imagine your old favorite figures in a totally different way. You can cast a group of heroes in one color, and their enemies in another one.

7. mould life

Are you tired of doing new moulds over and over again? Resin moulds last 15-40 cycles instead of a mean of 400 in SiOCAST.

There is an important cost saving in RTV silicone, moulding manpower and miscasts from bad moulds.

8. discover a new way to paint your minis

Resin miniatures must be cleaned in soapy water before applying primer and paint it.

With SiOres there is no need on priming or cleaning the raw miniatures and paint won’t peel or crack when you manipulate, touch or bend the mini. Painters love it.

9. reduce your carbon footprint 

Be more eco-friendly and reduce the carbon emisions that the material of your products generate. Your costumers and the planet will thank you.


10. reduced mould lines

Mould lines are better and sometimes invisible with SiOCAST because the hard HTV silicone moulds holds its shape and structure better over time than RTV silicone.

comparative of casting technologies

As you can see, there are many advantages about using SiOCAST. In the following table you can find some different casting methods and their differences

If you want more information about how SiOcast transforms your miniature business, don’t hesitate  and contact us