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At SiOCAST we have developed a complete production process that represents a revolution for manufacturing small thermoplastic resin parts.
Our disruptive technology is going to change the way you design, create and sell your games.

the SiOform1 equipment is the very first system of plastic injection in flexible molds.

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advantages of our system

change the way you design, produce and sell your miniatures

manufacturing ecosystem

SiOCAST’s technology is the result of three key elements:

New injection machine designed to make the process happen

New thermoplastic resin, with the perfect stiffness and flexibility

New silicone mould configuration strategy

manufacturers say…

It’s magic

First reaction of Head of Development at a top 5 miniature company when he first painted a miniature in our workshop

In 2 years, SiOCAST will be the standard of the whole industry

Head of Publishing at a Europe tabletop company

At first, I thought that it was too good to be true. Then, I came to see you and you delivered what you promised.

CEO at a miniature kit company

The last time I was so in shock, I was being shot in Afganistan

Partner at a miniature company in the US, the first time that saw the process live in Spiel Essen 2019

I want to deliver this level of quality of my team’s sculpts to the market!

Head of Design

Don’t sell this machine to anyone else, please!

Head of Production at World’s Top 5 miniature company

end users say…

“These are all resin casts of what were previously metal miniatures and I can attest to the quality of the material. I was really impressed with the quality when I took them out the box”

OnTableTop YouTube subscriber

“No difference between the undercoated one and the other. The paint adheres well on the raw material even if a too diluted layer will not adhere very well”

Review on

“The detail in resin is really, really well”

YouTube user at OnTableTop channel

“That resin you managed is awesome”

YouTube user in an unboxing video

“The resin is rigid, but keeps a certain flexibility that makes breakage impossible! It doesn’t soften with a hair dryer”

Review on

“I’m liking the new resin, not brittle at all.”

S.M., YouTube user

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